artist statement

Artist Statement ~

Autism + Social Media: Eye Contact

We find ourselves increasingly isolated by the hyper-connection our devices provide. In the series “Eye Contact,” I investigate the autistic-like characteristics of popular social media. While those on the autism spectrum benefit from using social media to connect with others, according to recent research, the general population seems to be communicating in a more autistic way: texting instead of talking, constantly distracted by devices, and even holding eye contact for shorter periods of time. In my exploration of this trend, I enlisted the help of Facebook friends and website browsers, who’ve sent me (via social media) photos of their eyes looking away from the camera. I manipulate the photos, screen them onto sheet glass using glass powder, and then fuse the imagery in a kiln. The result is a pixellated surface similar to the screens of social media, with sets of eyes that never quite meet ours.


Disconnect, acrylic, ink transfer, spray paint, kiln-formed glass, hardware on board, 2016